“I can’t speak highly enough of the team from Adventure Consultancy. It was fantastic across the board. I learned a completely new and deeply valuable set of skills to implement when risk assessing how to operate in and around water.”      Louis Church – Senior Production Coordinator – Clarkson’s Farm

“A brilliant training experience. This course demystifies the equipment, jargon and risks associated with filming near water through invaluable hands on experience. I have a clearer understanding of when risks can be managed in house and when specialists need to be brought in. I wish I’d had the opportunity to do this course years ago, it would have been valuable on many occasions. It’s also extremely good fun!”      Hannah – Senior Producer

Delivered by Adventure Consultancy Worldwide, Rescue 3 Europe now offers a suite of internationally accredited safety courses designed specifically for film, TV and media production teams and crew. Open dates are offered as well as closed courses for companies at a location to suit a production team.

Designed combining Rescue 3’s over forty years of experience developing and accrediting safety and technical rescue courses with training provider Adventure Consultancy’s proven track record working with production companies on film and TV shoots as location safety advisers, consultants, film fixers, logistics experts and production trainers. Clients include the BBC, Netflix, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Disney, Sky, Warner Bros and Amazon Prime.

These tailored courses address the varied roles of production team members from researchers, production managers, producers/directors to camera operators, instilling confidence when researching, planning and working in different and potentially challenging location environments. Critically they teach what basic safe practices need to be implemented. Participants gain an internationally recognised qualification valid for 3 years to add to their CV’s. Whilst not negating the need for specialist off-site safety advisors in the different stages of production, candidates will gain the knowledge to assess potential shoot locations at the outset, potentially saving time and money on recces to unsuitable locations, as well as ensuring better logistical and safety planning for recces and shoots.

Health and safety and insurance company requirements are increasing around the safety of shoots, and a more qualified production team and crew is a clear advantage when assessing and working in potentially hazardous locations.

The syllabus’s deliver an understanding of safe systems of work, including risk assessments and other forms of pre-planning undertaken by off-site safety advisors. They also illustrate the realities of working on location with on-site safety cover, and the capabilities of the safety teams and the equipment they’ll be working with. Practical skills for working safely in complex environments, plus basic self-rescue, and techniques for rescuing a colleague are taught.

Rescue 3’s safety courses for production crew delivered by are available across a wide range of shoot environments:

Safe Working Near Water for Production Crew (SWNWPC)

A 1-day course, for production crew who need to work safely near water.

Safe Working Near Water for Production Crew (SWNWPC) » Rescue 3 Europe

Safe Working In Water for Production Crew (SWIWPC)

A 2-day course, with a higher capability than the SWNWPC course, including elements of working in water, and basic techniques for rescuing a colleague. “Working in TV and having to risk assess scenes filmed in water, this course has given me so much more confidence in both assessing risks and implementing safety measures, as well as when to employ specialist H&S professionals. I now understand how the dangers could escalate in certain situations for contributers and crew. I would really recommend this course.”      Vicky Hoy – Producer – Clarkson’s Farm

Safe Working In Water for Production Crew (SWIWPC) » Rescue 3 Europe

Lifejacket Use for Production Crew (LJUPC)

A half-day course, looking specifically at lifejacket use, for example if production crew have existing water awareness training.

Lifejacket Use for Production Crew (LJUPC) » Rescue 3 Europe

Safe Operating in Boats for Production Crew (SOBPC)

A 1-day course for helping production crew gain confidence as a passenger in a boat on flat or moving water, whilst undertaking their tasks related to filming.

Safe Operating in Boats for Production Crew (SOBPC) » Rescue 3 Europe

Outdoor Risk Management for Production Crew (ORMPC)

A 2-day course for production crew working in remote areas, upland terrain and/or unfamiliar terrain. The course enables them to identify hazards and give them basic skills to work safely and deal with incidents in these environments. “Excellent training. This practical course is great for any production teams working in remote areas, providing skills in planning risk management in wild locations.”      Hannah – Senior Producer

Outdoor Risk Management for Production Crew (ORMPC) » Rescue 3 Europe

Safe Working at Height for Production Crew (SWAHPC)

A 1-day course that gives production crew members the knowledge and skills to recognise height-related risks, and apply appropriate safe systems of work.

Safe Working at Height for Production Crew (SWAHPC) » Rescue 3 Europe

Safe Working on Ice for Production Crew (SWIPC)

A 2-day course, for production crew working on or near ice, including ice testing, safe travelling on ice, and self-rescue techniques.

Safe Working on Ice for Production Crew (SWIPC) » Rescue 3 Europe


Production Team Training

Rescue 3

The calendar details the open course dates we currently have planned. However, production team training, as well as first aid courses, can be offered as closed courses on dates to suit you. A minimum of 4 participants would be required. Please contact to discuss.