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Film Fixer

With over 30 years based in the Himalayas we specialise in the location management and film fixing roles both in Nepal and Bhutan. With extensive local knowledge across both countries we have a wide understanding of locations, local resources, and filming procedures and requirements, as well our own teams of local staff to support productions both large and small.

The Adventure Consultancy team have travelled and work extensively in the mountains and on the rivers across Nepal and Bhutan, with the cultural knowledge, location insight and network of contacts to ensure we can support your production requirements. Please get in touch for more specific guidance.

Film Fixer
Safety Cover


Our team of qualified staff are complimented by an extensive inventory of equipment, to enable us to supply standby safety cover from one hour to long term production needs throughout the UK and abroad. We can supply a self-supported team, with its own welfare and resources for production needs both large and small as well as large scale sports events, competitions, music events.


Our proven track record of worldwide experience is backed up with a highly experienced team of staff. Our team of experts are also internationally accredited trainers and instructors in the field of Risk management, First Aid Training, Swiftwater environments, powerboat operations, ice rescue, working at height etc.

We can offer simple location written risk assessments right through to managing the on location safety of your production team or the management of specific scene safety. This includes everything from pre shoot location visits, accompany recces and shoots, advice on equipment / clothing and pre-production staff training.

What makes us unique in the field of supporting TV, Film and media is the fact Adventure Consultancy are also an internationally accredited rescue training provider to the emergency services, government agencies and military. This ensures the highest possible standards in safety.

‘The first time health and safety got it right’ – Jeremy Clarkson. The Grand Tour special – Seaman (Vietnam/Cambodia)

Health and Safety
Location and Expedition Logistics

Location and Expedition Logistics

Over the last 30 years Anthony and his team have guided expeditions on nearly every continent. The first descent of rivers, summiting peaks across the globe, exploring remote jungles, crossing challenging oceans and surviving in polar regions.

We have outfitted and guided more than 40 expeditions around the globe. This includes guiding production teams, providing expert technical staff, sourcing and supplying equipment, and assisted with everything from pre-production planning, recce support and advice, right through to full expedition logistics.
We have acted as location advisors on simple recces in the UK, right through to the challenge of supplying and shipping of 4 tonnes of expedition kit to Madagascar, outfitting multiple remote camps for 60 production staff, all facilitated by 15 of our staff – Anything is possible with the right team!

Our staff are not only highly experienced guides, but internationally accredited guide trainers too


Rescue 3 Europe has a range of safety courses, designed for film, TV and media production crew. The courses draw on Rescue 3’s more than forty years of experience in developing and accrediting safety and technical rescue courses.

The suite of courses for production crew have been developed in conjunction with Adventure Consultancy. They are a Rescue 3 training provider with a proven track record in working in film and TV as safety advisors, consultants, production trainers and expedition logistics experts, with clients including the BBC, Netflix, Discovery Channel, Sky and Amazon Prime.

There are safety courses for production crew across the whole range of Rescue 3’s syllabus:

Safe Working Near Water for Production Crew (SWNWPC) is a 1-day course, for production crew who need to work safely near water.

Safe Working In Water for Production Crew (SWIWPC) is a 2-day course, with a higher capability than the SWNWPC course, including elements of working in water, and basic techniques for rescuing a colleague.

Lifejacket Use for Production Crew (LJUPC) is a half-day course, looking specifically at lifejacket use, for example if production crew have existing water awareness training.

Safe Operating in Boats for Production Crew (SOBPC) is a 1-day course for helping production crew gain confidence as a passenger in a boat on flat or moving water, whilst undertaking their tasks related to filming.

Outdoor Risk Management for Production Crew (ORMPC) is a 2-day course for production crew working in remote areas, upland terrain and/or unfamiliar terrain. The course enables them to identify hazards and give them basic skills to work safely and deal with incidents in these environments.

Safe Working at Height for Production Crew (SWAHPC) is a 1-day course that gives production crew members the knowledge and skills to recognise height-related risks, and apply appropriate safe systems of work.

Safe Working on Ice for Production Crew (SWIPC) is a 2-day course, for production crew working on or near ice, including ice testing, safe travelling on ice, and self-rescue techniques.

All the courses have been designed to meet the varied needs of production crew. The courses cover working within a safe system of work including risk assessments and other forms of pre-planning by off-site safety advisors. They also cover the realities of working on location with on-site safety cover, understanding of the capabilities of the safety teams and equipment they’ll be working with. The course include practical skills for working safely in complex environments, plus basic self-rescue and techniques for rescuing a colleague.

By undertaking Rescue 3 training, production crew who work in potentially hazardous environments will safely be able to get the perfect shot.

Production Team Training